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Welcome Guest to the Chronic Knights!!!
All the rules you need to know are here.
All the announcements can be found here .
The introduction and farewell section can be found here .
The testing section can be found here .
The different dorms can be found here .
Good Luck and Have Fun At CK, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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 Rules of the Academy

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PostSubject: Rules of the Academy   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:36 pm

These rules are to help everyone get along and to ensure that we have a good time here.

1. NO SPAMS; no spams will be allowed here. You will receive up to 3 warnings, if you get another warning on top of the first 3, you will be banned. Time for ban will depend on what type of spam.

2. USELESS POSTS; like spamming, same penalties apply.

3. BEHAVIOR; no cussing, mocking, or any fights will be tolerated here. Do not call members rookie, @#!$, retard, newbie, etc.

4. POSTING 2X OR MORE IN ROW; sometimes it can happen, we understand, but we expect you to go back and delete that post. If you did it intentionally you will be warned. (unless you are posting in the graphics showcase)

5. PLAGIARISM; Will not be tolerated under any circumstances, please give credits due to the owner. If you are found with a copy of anything that was made for or by someone else you will be banned for a period of time. Ban time will depend of type of plagiarism.

6. REPUTATION; Don't go around giving rep to just anyone unless they deserve it, administrators and moderators should give rep to people who have helped in the making of the academy or have helped improve it. Plus members can only increase or decrease their fellow member's rep once per day.

7. BE ACTIVE; If you are inactive for a certain period of time you will get a warning. If you do not respond and stay active you will be kicked of the academy.

8. POINTS WHEN JOINING; When a member first joins, the member will receive 50 Chronic points.



Level 1 offense: A verbal warning. Usually given out for minor things, like double posting, or unintentional spam. Your warning bar will not be raised.

Level 2 offense: A warning. Usually given out for slightly more serious things, such as being mean to new members, or swearing. Your warning bar will be raised by 1 segment.

Level 3 offense: A one-week ban. Most likely distributed for serious offenses, such as flaming, trolling, or intentionally starting a fight. Your warning bar will be raised by 1 segment.

Level 4 offense: a one-month ban. Given out for very serious things, such as plagiarism, or doing your best to disrupt the academy. Your warning bar will be raised by 2 segments.

Level 5: An IP ban. Can only be handed out to a member who's warning bar is full.

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Rules of the Academy
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